Tenth Annual International Culture Fair


Ryan Glanville

Students who attended the International Culture Fair.

On Sept. 21, 2021 the International Culture Fair was held in West Liberty University’s student union (on the main campus) to display cultures from around the world. Students gathered in the ballroom to learn about and celebrate the cultures of all these countries. The International Culture fair has been held here at WLU for the past 10 years, and offers the opportunity to the university’s exchange and international degree-seeking students a way to showcase their cultures to the campus community.

The students gathered in the college union to display different aspects of their cultures. They all created poster boards and some were dressed in traditional clothing. The International Culture Fair is a way for WLU’s Exchange Partners through the Department of State to give back to the campus for hosting their programs. It’s also a way for the International Student club to promote awareness and allow other students to learn about other cultures without having to actually leave the U.S.

“I think it’s really important for college students to learn about the world at large,” said Ryan Glanville, coordinator of international programs and recruiting international student advisor at West Liberty, “It’s also really important for the international students, so they know that they aren’t the only ones, that there is a community here at West Liberty.”

The Fair has an impact on not just our local students, but it also allows our foreign exchange students to make connections and learn about each other’s cultures.

“One of the things I like about the Culture Fair is to talk to students and introduce our Mongolian culture to students and faculty members,” said Oyuka Battsogt, an international student, “It has always been fun to learn from my fellow international students about their cultures.”

Those in attendance were students representing Mongolia, Germany, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Ukraine, Laos, the Philippines, Russia, Malawi, Indonesia, Nicaragua and others.