Ten activities to keep family reunions exciting over the holidays

This upcoming Christmas is all about being together with those you’ve stayed apart from for so long, as such, big reunions, lavish parties and feasts await. When you and yours are gathered for the holiday reunion, there are multiple family activities that will be sure to spice up your get-together.

With its rising popularity, Squid Game’s dalgona challenge offers a funny, yummy and easy game. The ingredients for this Korean candy are simple: cooking oil, sugar and a pinch of baking soda. To get your desired shape, use a cookie cutter. The only other requirements are a set of needles for adults, and toothpicks for the kids. Rewards can be anything from more candy to money, but this is sure to brighten the mood and bring some laughs.

Another goofy but fun option is an activity called egg race. In this game, all you need are spoons, eggs and players. To start, everyone chooses a teammate and stands a moderate distance apart. Then, the player places an egg on their spoon and takes it to their partner across the room. They must transfer it from their spoon to their teammate’s, without cracking or dropping it. The teammate must run the egg back to the beginning point to win.

Less physical activities include scrapbooking, trivia, charades or sharing stories. These all create lasting memories and are inclusive to everyone, young or old. If you’re forced to do a remote reunion, your options are not limited. Everyone can still make their own dalgona, act, share tales and send pictures for a family photo album. Regardless of your situations, there is a way to create everlasting memories with your family or friends.

A staple for most families is to gather and watch holiday movies, like “The Polar Express” or “Home Alone.” There are many other activities you can do during family gatherings, and a favorite amongst students is the “Who’s who” baby picture game. Everyone must guess who the baby in each picture is, and it’s a surefire way to make everyone smile and laugh. A charming and free option is to create a family Christmas playlist to celebrate with for years to come. And for sweet treat lovers, a baking contest is another tradition that can get every family member involved.

No matter where you are, or who you’re with, make sure to try one of these party games this reunion and create a new tradition.