Trumpet Solo: Dr. Melinda Kreisberg

Compiled by Yijing Shen, Contributing Writer
Dr. Melinda Kreisberg is a biology professor, director of Accreditation and Academic planning, and an Accreditation Liaison Officer for West Liberty University. She is also involved with the Hilltop Players, recently being the assistant director of “As it is in Heaven.”

Q: What all positions do you hold at West Liberty University?
A: I am a biology professor, and I am the director of Accreditation and Academic Planning. I am also the Accreditation Liaison officer with the higher learning commission. I help direct the shows in the Kelly Theater. I’ve done choreography and also have been on stage. 
Q: What is it like having multiple positions on campus?
A: It keeps me busy and I have spent lots of evenings on campus. But, I like working with the students. 
Q: How do you like “As it is in Heaven?”
A: It’s a great play that I respect. It is historically accurate. It is very much about the actresses, and how they portray the roles of Shaker women. It’s a really good piece for actresses. That’s the reason makes it such a nice play to do on West Liberty to help the students to develop their abilities. 
Q: What is your favorite part about teaching at West Liberty University?
A: The students. You can actually work with them one-on-one, you don’t have such big classes that you can get to know all of the students in your class. 
Q: What do you do for the university in terms of accreditation?
A: I work with the Regional Accreditor, which is the higher learning commission. They determine that we are meeting all of the quality standards for an institution of higher education that are set by the government of the United States. I coordinate those things on campus. It’s an odd position that I work for West Liberty, and I coordinate things with the regional agency, but it’s all through West Liberty. 
Photo credit: Yijing Shen