By Nathan Johnson, Staff Writer

What is senioritis? Senioritis is a supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance.

When you are in high school and in your final year, you are just thinking about being done with school, unless you are furthering your education. Some high school students will start missing school and give up on some work, and those are symptoms of senioritis.

West Liberty senior Tara Adamczyk said, “I never actually get senioritis. It gets to the point where I’m honestly just sick of the scenery and need a change. I never really get tired of learning.” Adamczyk added, “I’m going to Point Park University and I could not be more excited, so I wouldn’t say I’m to the point where I’m sick of going to school, but I am sick of West Liberty and just need to go someplace new.”

In my final year of college, I am experiencing symptoms of senioritis myself. I am procrastinating more on my assignments, and I am starting not to care as much anymore. I am more focused on graduating and being done. However, I am still going to all my classes and still completing all my work.

Yet, even though I complete my work, I still don’t have that urge to care so much anymore. Here are some tips on how to battle senioritis, for anyone feeling the same way I am.

  1. Take care of yourself. Don’t get too overwhelmed with all your work you have to complete. Make sure you continue to eat healthy and get as much rest as you can get. According to How much sleep do you really need?, college students need 7-9 hours of sleep. Sleep is very important here.
  2. Stay organized. Staying organized can be difficult at times because you may have a lot of classes going on and some may not require as much work as others. However, staying organized is very helpful. You can write down all your assignments and due dates, and balance out each day on when you can complete them. If you do that, that will reduce some stress in your final year.
  3. Get motivated. Remember this is your final year of school, so make it count. Finish out strong and remember what the ultimate prize is at the end a “degree.”
  4. Start looking and applying for jobs in your field. Once you graduate, you have to go out in the real world. That may be a difficult thing to do, but if you start early while in your final semester, you may increase your chances of starting your job right away after graduation.
  5. Enjoy your final year. This is it, so whenever you can get a break from the work go out with your friends and enjoy yourself. College is the best time of your life because after graduation, it will all be a memory, so you should cherish your moments in college, especially your last.

So there are some tips on how to battle senioritis, I really hope I can overcome this and finish the semester strong and graduate with no regrets, and I hope that you can too!