Clubs and Organizations at WLU

By Jessica Broverman, Editor

One of the key reasons as to why college is considered one of the best times in a young person’s life is because of the opportunities you are presented during those four years. Whether it be the time you and your roommate went to homecoming or attending one of the many fairs West Liberty has, you have to be involved in order to enjoy these experiences. One of the best ways you could get involved and have a great time in college is by joining the clubs that are on campus.

Some of the more popular clubs on campus certainly include all types of Greek Life. Alpha Psi Omega, Beta Rho Epsilon, Chi Beta Phi, Chi Omega, Delta Theta Kappa, Delta Zeta Pi and the list goes on and on. Beta Rho Epsilon says, “(Our) purpose is to meet new people on campus and develop a diverse group of women. The mission is lifelong friendship, international awareness, scholarship and service to a better society.” Considering the fact that it is Greek Week, it is the perfect time to get involved in these organizations and make new friends and memories.

Many colleges have an eclectic collection of clubs, but West Liberty offers clubs that are fair beyond the norm. Some unique clubs include the ultimate Frisbee club, beard club, historical combative studies club, and even a Nicholas Cage fan club. The Paranormal club also takes part in scary movie nights and have also spent the night at the West Virginia Penitentiary.

Some of the most popular clubs on campus include the American Dental Hygienist club, the West Liberty dance team, the flag football club, and the lacrosse club. The dance team is currently looking for more people to join and now is the time to go check them out. For more information about the clubs on the West Liberty’s campus you can log on to and go to the clubs and organization section of campus services.