Conclusion of the NBA season marked an unprecedented victory for the league

The conclusion of the NBA: Maxwell Fiedorczyk. Trumpet Issue 6
On March 11, 2020, the National Basketball Association announced that the regular season, as well as the playoffs, would be suspended indefinitely due to the ongoing complications of COVID-19. Nearly four months have passed until league executives announced the NBA season would resume at Walt Disney’s ESPN World Wide Sports Complex in Bay Lake, Florida. To battle COVID-19, the NBA implemented an unprecedented NBA bubble in which 22 teams would be housed in as they play, with little to no access to the outside world. The NBA bubble was an enormous success, as the league did not see a single positive case for the Coronavirus.
Out of those 22 teams, only one team was eventually crowned as the 2019-20 NBA Champion: the Los Angeles Lakers. Led by mega stars Anthony Davis and Lebron James, the Lakers were able to defeat the Miami Heat in 6 games. James, named NBA Finals MVP averaging 29.8 points, 11.8 rebounds, and 8.5 assists, secured his fourth championship and the 17th for the Lakers, as they tied the Boston Celtics for the most NBA Championships of all time.
The conclusion of this NBA season marked an unprecedented victory for the league as a whole. Not only did this league successfully persevere through a global pandemic, but it also saw many players, coaches, and executives alike, bonding together as one to fight against racial injustice. For what it’s worth, the National Basketball Association should hold their heads high, as everyone involved rose to the occasion even when it seemed as though all hope was lost.