NBA unsure of future due to COVID-19; however, plans to hold draft on Nov. 18


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It seems like it’s back to work for the National Basketball Association. With the conclusion of the 2019-2020 season, there are various questions the league must address. Some of those questions include topics on free agency, the start date for the next season and the all-important NBA draft, and whether or not fans will be permitted in the stands.

A USA Today article, written by Mark Medina, stated that, during a news conference, NBA commissioner, Adam Silver, said that he does not know how to answer most of these questions just yet.

The league plans to hold the NBA draft on Nov.18. However, the start date for free agency is uncertain due the league having to finalize the salary cap and luxury tax thresholds. This process has stemmed from lost revenue after being on a four month hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic which put a pause on regular proceedings.

The start date for next season is up in the air as well. In the USA Today article, Silver stated that the league is shooting for January to begin the next season, but even that is tentative because the players need a reasonable amount of time to take a break. Much longer than this however could see negative reactions from fans. “I think that it’s good for the fans but not for the athletes”, said Zackery Meade, a West Liberty University sophomore. Meade expressed that the NBA athletes “deserved rest” after such a long season.

“There will probably be a spike in injuries,” said Steven Frazier, West Liberty University Resident Assistant. This is a significant concern for decision makers in the NBA.

With the amount of issues presented, the NBA league has a lot on their plate. We will just have to wait and see how things will play out.