Good Mansion Wines and the COVID-19 employee experience, Winter break eatery for students


Alex Wilcox

(On Tuesday, Oct. 27, Eric Haller (center), a Good Mansion Wines employee, works behind the shop’s counter. He is socially distancing and wearing a mask for COVID-19 safety. Photo provided by his fellow coworker, Alex Wilcox.)

GOOD MANSION WINES, WHEELING, W.VA. – During the COVID-19 pandemic, many essential workers have been challenged in their workspace. Eric Haller, an employee of Good Mansion Wines, sat down to share his experiences working in customer service throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Haller, 21, was an employee of the shop for four months when W.Va restaurants were shut down in March 2020.

The shop remained open for carry-out during lockdown and reopened its doors to guests on May 26. Currently, they are open for dine-in with COVID-19 guidelines in place. Both customers and staff are required to wear masks and practice social distancing while inside. The bakery and deli of Good Mansion is a great and safe environment for students to consider visiting over winter break.

Haller started his job at Good Mansion Wines’ bakery and deli in Nov. 2019. He has recently celebrated a year with the establishment on Nov. 18. Haller’s main duties during a shift include slicing meats and cheeses and arranging platters. He also makes sandwiches and serves guests. At the end of a workday, he performs closing tasks before he locks up the shop.

When the W.Va lockdown began, Good Mansion Wines became take-out only; however, business has remained steady for Good Mansion. “We’re still pretty busy, it’s just our menu that’s changed,” Haller said. He remains positive that although the pandemic has been hard, Good Mansion will continue on an upward swing.

Haller likes to ensure that Good Mansion’s customers are well taken care of. He takes his job seriously, so smiles and laughter from customers are a bonus for him. He is easy to talk to and is always ready to help. With the COVID-19 pandemic keeping many on edge, a pleasant smile and can-do attitude often make people’s days.

Outside of work, Haller enjoys a variety of hobbies. “I like to play video games, listen to music, see my friends, and watch some shows,” Haller said. Even though his job keeps him busy, he knows when it’s time to relax after a long day of work!

Haller enjoys working at Good Mansion because of the positive staff members that keep the job fun. Fellow coworker, Alex Wilcox, enjoys having Haller around. “It’s fun to work with Eric, but we both have the same interests, so he can be distracting!” Wilcox said. During one shift the pair had an impromptu dance party behind the counter! Keeping things light hearted is important during such a hard time.

Being a public service employee during COVID-19 can be challenging, but it’s important to know that positivity goes a long way. Haller wants people to remember that patience, kindness, and dedication are what make up the customer service industry. Over winter break, Good Mansion is a great place to visit for Christmas gifts or a treat! Also, the Pain au Chocolat from the shop’s bakery, which is Haller’s favorite, can brighten holiday spirits!