Malcolm & Marie: A Toxic Relationship

Netflix has released a new original on Friday, Feb. 5, 2021. This Netflix original shows the life of Malcolm & Marie, a relationship dealing with all their issues in the span of one single night. It doesn’t show different days, except the night after Malcolm’s movie premiere. This night is filled with the couple going back and forth from fighting to loving each other. If someone were to ask me what I thought a toxic relationship was, I would show them this movie. Malcolm wrote a movie about Marie’s life. Her addiction and her recovery. Marie gets angry after the premiere for the simple fact that Malcolm didn’t thank her in his speech and cast another girl as her part. These issues don’t come up at first, they are just being passive-aggressive towards each other. They are loving towards one another, and then the next second they are screaming and throwing hurtful things at one another. This made me nervous as I thought the movie would end with Marie falling back into her addiction. However, it ends on a cliff hanger sort of. The couple is shown standing in the yard together as the movie ends. You don’t get to see if they continue to fight, or if they have worked out their issues completely. Malcolm is played by John David Washington. Marie is played by Zendaya. These are the only two characters throughout the movie. The movie is also purely black and white, and it sets the vibe of the movie. The director and writer was Sam Levinson. With the movie only being out for a few days, Zendaya is already nominated for Best Actress for the Critics Choice Award for the movie. This movie shows how a movie being filmed during COVID-19 can work. There is one place of filming, with only two characters. This is filmed very safely and without needing to be pushed back because of the pandemic. The film is also based on Sam Levinson’s life, where he actually did forget to thank his wife in a speech. The film is an hour and 46 minutes, and is rated R. You can watch this film on Netflix solely. It is a good watch, and honestly doesn’t feel very long. You can sit and watch and feel for the characters as they each have things built inside of them they need to let out.