Movie Review of Hate: surprisingly involves much love despite the name

Hate by Dani Rovira is a new stand-up comedian movie that came out on Netflix this year on Feb. 13. Rovira is a comedian and actor born in Malaga, Spain, which is the same place he performed in this movie. He was funny and enjoyable to watch. There are some adult language and adult jokes, so I don’t recommend watching with kids.

The movie starts with him and his dogs. He has adorable golden receivers. Later, he makes some ironic jokes about dogs. Then, ironically, shows his pug. He also talks about cats and parents. When Rovira is shown on stage he starts with making light of his cancer.
He goes from talking about some serious issues to some funny stories of his life. He is good at impressions of other people’s contagious laughter. Rovira likes sports and dedicates the show to his sports friend Maddi. I can tell that he took being home as a reason to make his act more personal. If you didn’t know this guy before you know him now.

We get a sense of why the movie is called Hate near the middle. Rovira said, “Let’s take a step back and think about society as a whole, about where the hate comes from.” He says that hate comes from many things such as gotcha culture, getting bombarded with inflammatory journalism, and social media. Rovira suggests that we repress our stress. After this, he goes back to funny stories.
In the end, Rovira says he “hates” a bunch of celebrities, but it is because of jealousy. It’s all in good fun. He says that comparison breeds hate. Even though this stand-up was all about what he hates, Rovira said, “Hate gets you nowhere…Do you really think, all the people I spoke about on this stage…Do you think that I hate…Do you really? I need 100 theaters like this one to contain all the admiration I have for them.”

He made this list of people that he admired before the show and called it, ‘My List of Halley’s Comets. Rovira says, “…Because, ultimately, their existence makes our lives better…they help us to be better. That’s why I feel really bad for people that grab stones and throw them at Halley’s Comets.”
For a movie named hate, there is a lot of love for these people. If you want something to make you think with a good laugh, I recommend Hate by Dani Rovira.