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Title IX offenses are being taken seriously

November 26, 2017

By Emily Salvatori, Assistant Editor   Domestic violence and sexual violence are major issues that affect multiple people and deserve awareness, because it is completely unacceptable. It can happen to anyone, not just women, and there is no shame in seeking help. There are resources and help av...

Rogers Hall to reopen among other WLU housing changes 

Rogers Hall to reopen among other WLU housing changes 

March 6, 2017

By Daniel Morgan, Editor West Liberty University’s department of Housing and Student Life is presenting several changes for residence life on-campus beginning in the fall 2017 semester. Buildings will no longer be categorized as freshmen or upperclassmen-only, and Rogers Hall will reopen to offer...

WLU Sustainability Committee meets to discuss collaboration 

WLU Sustainability Committee meets to discuss collaboration 

March 3, 2017

By Sean Kranske, Contributing Writer   On Feb. 22, the Sustainability Committee held a meeting in the Shaw Hall conference room. Three main topics were discussed, but the main goal of the meeting was to increase collaborative efforts on campus.   The committee is divided into the recycling, environmental education, a...

Academic realignment stirs controversy, debate

October 24, 2016

By Daniel Morgan, Editor To the dismay and indifference of many, the West Liberty University administration is discussing the combination of the Colleges of Arts and Communication, Liberal Arts and Professional Studies.  Read More »...

Students shouldn’t be forced to buy scantrons

April 1, 2016

By Daniel Morgan, Advertising ManagerEveryone is talking about the bands being cut, which is admittedly a sad situation, but there are other problems due to budget cuts at West Liberty University that have gone unnoticed. For example, due to more budget cuts in some departments, specifically in the Colleg...

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