No spring break causes burn out in students

Canceling spring break this semester has us all drained. Motivation and energy are down, but so are cases of COVID-19. For colleges who did have spring break, those who ventured off instead of relaxing at home had some backlash. Specifically, a spring break Florida party attracted many college students, leading to a spike in Corona.

Florida beaches were packed for spring break. You would think people would avoid parties until next year, but beaches are still fuller than ever. March, of all months to vacation this year, was the most traveled according to TSA. March 12 was the worst traveled day, and during a four week span, one million travelers passed through TSA each day.

College kids and young adults are the most accessible to Corona because other age groups have gotten the vaccine. Looking across campus now, it seems like no one gets it. I see more and more people without their masks. Even if you have gotten the vaccine, be respectful to people too focused on their studies to even think of getting an appointment yet.

Personally, as someone who struggles with sleep, having no spring break made me physically ill. I had the worst time sleeping for almost two weeks straight, making me exhausted to the point I couldn’t move. I took two days off, which doesn’t help with my grades. Not having spring break has probably affected attendance, in general, to decline.

Lizzy Griffith, our current News/Copy Editor Intern, said, “Not having a spring break this year has really affected me mentally. I think when I get that break, it’s like a mental recharge for me. This year, I just feel drained at this point and overdue a break. I wish we had even just a long weekend, anything would’ve been nice.”

Annalise Murphy, the Editor-in-Chief, said, “Not having a spring break was rough for me, especially this semester as I am taking many classes and work all weekend! I feel a long weekend would have been sufficient enough to help me feel recharged. I feel a bit burned out at this point in the semester; however, I am confident I can finish out the year strong.”

It’s clear that we all need a break, but going back home instead of vacation would do everyone good. As college students, I would hope that we would be extra careful.