Learning and Student Development Center offers a guide for graduates

On April 20, 2021, West Liberty University’s Learning & Student Development Center posted to their Twitter account (@WLU_LSDC) a resource from Inceptia, a website for students and schools alike aiming to “uncomplicate financial aid” and support them in conquering “financial aid barriers, loan anxiety, financial education, delinquency and default,” for their upcoming grads of the class of 2021.

The graphic reads, “Way to go, class of 2021! Congratulations! Your years of hard work and perseverance have paid off, and now is the time to celebrate your accomplishments – we commend you! We also know that you may have a lot of questions and feelings of uncertainty about your future. Now, more than ever, it’s important to become financially informed and empowered.”

The advertisement announces its creation of the “Great Advice for Grads 2021” e-guide and details some of its contents. Including, but not limited to, how to start an emergency fund, financial management, maturity and responsibility, general financial advice and how to go about choosing the right health plan and insurance for yourself as a young adult. The graphic concludes on a perfect summary of their mission as a company and the publication’s intent; “The world will always present challenges; taking the time now to get a (developed) strategy and (sense of) resilience is the best gift you can give yourself.”

The specific post in question that shares the ad can be found here, as well as a direct download and reading link for a copy of “Great Advice for Grads 2021” here.

While financial guidance is surely welcome by these up-and-coming graduates, and any college student in general I can’t help but think that I’d rather be enlightened on ways to simply live a healthy and fulfilling life as an adult on the brink of entering into an entirely new world – that is the working and adult world. Of course, some of these graduates will go on to pursue even further education while others enter directly into the workforce. There are also those of the group continuously gaining popularity and momentum, that will go on sabbatical to rest and relax as they recuperate from their studies, but they all need life skills.

Yes, some of these skills and the knowledge that comes with them are gained throughout being a college student, or just simply by growing up and becoming an adult; but where are the packets shared by universities on self-help, keeping up with your mental and physical health, practicing emotional awareness and just how to look for a good affordable apartment?

So, to the grad student reading this, firstly, congratulations, you did it! You deserve to be immensely proud of yourself. Wherever the world may take you, or wherever you choose to go, I do encourage you to take heed of these financial advice packets. It’s a great thing to have in your back pocket, but what I implore you to do? Go get a self-help book from the library, talk to some mentors, past professors even, on how they made it, the choices that they made, how they made them and if they would do it differently. You’re on the brink of entering into something amazing; go into it wisely, and, above all else, take care of yourself.