Two Sentence Horror Stories is the most brilliant horror series on Netflix

The Netflix series, “Two Sentence Horror Stories” premiered Aug. 8, 2019. Originally, “Two Sentence Horror Stories” was 5 short films prior to being adopted by The CW Television Network and converged into 20 minute episodes.
Season two just became available this year on Netflix on Feb. 24. At the beginning of each episode, it gives you one sentence that gives you a hint of what the episode will entail; then, there is a second sentence at the end of the episode which is usually menacing. Every episode’s storyline is brilliant and thrilling.

This series has different characters, a different set of actors and a completely different story for each episode. In my opinion, the acting is amazing across the board.

Season two had me on edge the whole time and was making me shout from the first episode. The creatures in this series are very creepy, and even though the episodes are short, they somehow manage to make you feel for the characters. Many of the episodes in season two include meaningful messages that pull at your heartstrings. “Two Sentence Horror Stories” will often show something that would appear to have an obvious outcome, then immediately have an unexpected twist.

Themes were more consistent throughout the show in this season. The first couple episodes were school related, then the next were work related. The sentences given at the beginning and end are sometimes more straightforward, but overall they are still pretty clever.

I highly recommend “Two Sentence Horror Stories” to all horror fanatics. As a horror fanatic, I know that seeing the same storyline can be boring and can make people more likely to make fun of any horror film they see. “Two Sentence Horror Stories” is truly thrilling to the point where it makes me excited to watch horror again.