Looking for something to watch on Netflix? Ginny and Geogia should be next in your que!

Have you been looking for something new to watch? Netflix released a 10 episode season of a show called “Ginny and Georgia.” this past February. The show is an American dramedy about a mother trying to give her two kids a better life than she had. The season shows how Ginny, a teenage daughter, and her mother, Georgia adapt to a new town once again.

Georgia has been moving her children around after every breakup she has. She tries to make them start a new life in these towns and forget about the past. They have moved to Wellsbury, and things seem to be looking up for them. As Ginny begins making friends and relationships for the first time in her life, you can tell she really enjoys her new town. However, Georgia always seems to get the family into trouble. Georgia decided to take a job with the city, and soon fell in love with the Mayor. This sparks issues in the family because Georgia promised Ginny, and her little brother Austin, that it would be just the three of them in this town and that it would be different this time.

With the show being about women empowerment and how women can be independent, it sparked some controversy on social media. There was a line in the show that said, “What do you care? You go through men faster than Taylor Swift.” Taylor Swift herself spoke out about this, saying “Hey Ginny and Georgia, 2010 called and it wants its lazy, deeply sexist joke back.” She also had a few other words about how Netflix shouldn’t have put this quote in after making a documentary about her. She finished her tweet off with, “Happy Women’s History Month I guess.” As a Taylor Swift fan, her comments did make me go into watching the show with the perspective that the show was going to be a little bit sexist, and honestly, it was at some points. In my opinion, they make the women in the show look like they are weaker than the men, and that they are only around for hookups and to look good. One episode had a 15 minute part just talking about how Ginny and Georgia both wake up everyday and do their makeup before they let anyone see them portraying the idea women get ready for the attention of others, not themselves.

Overall, the show was still interesting and I did want to continue watching as topics such as racsim and self-harm were spoken on well. did speak up well about racism and self-harm. I thought it was a good show overall and I would recommend the show to others. I will personally watch the next seasons that come out. In addition, I think the show was very well produced and put together. You feel like you get to know the characters and about their lives really well. For any further questions about this article, please reach out to Katlyn Roberts at [email protected].