Wallows step out of their comfort zone with most recent release of “Remote EP”

More music is being released! Wallows, an American alternative rock band based in Los Angeles, have released another new extended play record (EP). The three man band consisting of Dylan Minnette, Braeden Lemasters and Cole Preston have been releasing music since 2017. Their newest, “Remote EP Deluxe”, was released on Feb. 19, 2021, and is a deluxe version of their “Remote EP” that was released back in 2020. The deluxe version has three new songs, and their single “OK” added on. This makes the EP 10 tracks long. The band released “Quarterback” about a week before the deluxe EP was fully released. They also premiered a music video for “Quarterback” on the 19th of February along with the EP.

These ten tracks all have a different sound to them, and to no surprise for the listeners. Wallows is always doing new things with their music, but this EP sounded out of their comfort zone. As each song goes into the next smoothly, you can tell there was a lot of work put into this 10 track list. Starting with the single, “Virtual Aerobics”, you immediately are ready to get up and dance along. The band made a quarantine music video for this song, and after watching it I can find myself following along to the dance moves everytime I listen. With almost every song being upbeat, the upbeat feeling is felt throughout the whole EP. The only slow song, “Coastlines” is my current favorite. With the instrumental and the soft lyrics, it is the type of song you want to listen to while driving with your windows down. There is a song for everyone on this EP, no matter what kind of music you listen to. Since every song has its own sound, it is for a wide variety of audiences.

This EP has all members of the band singing, instead of just the usual lead singer, Minnette. Preston is heard on “Quarterback”, instead of him usually playing the drums. Guitar player Lemasters is also singing in multiple songs throughout the EP. Fans are hoping this wasn’t a one time thing, and that the whole band will continue to sing in the songs. The band also released new merchandise on their website for their new songs. Wallows also did a lot of promotion, including a Zoom call with a thousand fans in it that I was able to be a part of. This Zoom call was a way to listen to the EP with the fans, get everyones reactions and have a release party safely during the pandemic.

Wallows are available on every streaming device including Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube and more. They have other EPs and an album, including “Remote”. You can follow @wallowsmusic on all social media for updates about new music!