Struggle keeping up with school work? Read tips below to help you stay ahead!



Bullet Journal

With three weeks of classes already completed, assignments and stress levels drastically increase. Just like any other institution, students at WLU try to find ways to stay on top of their school work to avoid a stressful semester.

“[Get] a planner for sure. You have to write everything down, be very organized and know the dates for each of your assignments so they don’t go past due”, said Faith Hartung, Sophomore pre-nursing major. Hartung also shared that at the beginning of each week she uses a notepad to write down all of her assignments that need to be turned in.

As opposed to Hartung’s method, some students such as Austin Brown, a zoology major, take a different approach to getting their work done. “I get everything done in the mornings, take an hour for lunch, and for the rest of the evening I [continue] working until I’m done so I don’t have to worry about it for the rest of the week.” Hartung and Brown both advise students to start on their assignments early, one just likes to get it all done at once while the other spaces out the work.

On the other hand, many students find it difficult to stay on top of their assignments. “I just get everything done last minute,” said James Knizner, junior. Senior art education major, Sydney Jefferys, stated that there are times where she forgets to go through her planner to see which assignments need to be done for that particular day. An article from the Edutopia website states that nearly “80 to 95 percent of college students engage in procrastination, approximately 75 % consider themselves procrastinators and 50 % procrastinate consistently and problematically.” The article also mentions that procrastination can eventually lead to higher levels of stress, depression, anxiety and fatigue.

Considering some areas of study require a lot more time to focus on complex concepts, some students cannot afford to procrastinate. “To avoid procrastinating I have a group that I study with. We just get together with snacks and we try to make the best out of studying,” said , dental hygiene major. Lura Simons, an exercise physiology major, explained that she creates to-do lists for her assignments because she would not get anything done if she did not make them. Coupled with being a dorm hall director, Simons makes sure she manages her time well to avoid assignment overloads.

Even though three weeks have already been completed in the semester, students only have roughly five weeks to prepare for their exams. Some students are making sure they remain motivated in order to receive stellar grades. “I make sure I don’t miss class, and write down everything my professor says,” said Sarah Booth, human biology major. Booth also expressed that she uses what she calls her “happy planner” to keep her on top of her work.
Senior elementary education major, Amanda Cordray, said that she uses sticky notes so that she does not forget to study or complete assignments.

Overall, all correspondents expressed the same sentiment. To stay on top of schoolwork students should frequently use their planners and attempt to complete their assignments as early as possible. It is best to stray away from procrastination to avoid higher stress levels. With midterm exams just around the corner, staying on top of assignments is a must if students want to have a successful semester. If students fail to remain disciplined, their grades could potentially suffer.