Amazon Prime Releases “Cinderella”


Caitlin Reynolds

Angelee Kokosinski sitting cozy in bed watching the “Cinderella” movie.

“Cinderella” is the definition of rags from riches story. It’s a classic tale of a girl falling in love with a prince. There have been many remakes of this classic tale such as “A Cinderella Story”, “Another Cinderella Story” and “Cinderella”. On Sept. 3, Amazon Prime Video released another rendition of the story.

West Liberty University student Angelee Kokosinski watched the newly released story. She rated it on a scale of one to 10 with 10 being the greatest. She rated it as a six because she felt that it was repetitive compared to the other movies, however she enjoyed the twist. Kokosinski said, “The main character goes and does her dream instead of following the prince”. The story puts a feminine twist to the classic tale; however, Kokosinski says that it’s not her comfort film. She will only watch it if she is bored around her house. Kokosinski disliked the trailer because it gave away most of the film.

Another WLU student, Paige Butler recently watched the trailer. Her response to the trailer is that it was unappealing. “I feel like I watched so many “Cinderella” stories, it’s just kind of overdone,” said Butler. When asked about the reviews of the film her reply was surprising. If she was interested in the films, she said she would not listen to the reviews. “I’ve seen other movies with bad reviews, and I ended up liking them, so I think it depends on what I’m interested in honestly,” said Butler. Overall, she thought that the trailer depicted the movie in a good way, however, it still didn’t grab her attention. “I’m not a fan of Camila Cabello and like I said the “Cinderella” story is just so overdone,” said Butler.

Fellow student Maka Barnes previously watched the trailer and said that the characters were hilarious. She stated that it’s nice to have a member of the LGBTQ+ community playing as the godmother. Barnes said that she didn’t watch the reviews herself because she wanted to experience it to make her own opinion. She currently plans to watch the movie but didn’t have time due to her schoolwork. She compared the movie to the “Goosebumps” franchise. The movie had a low rating, however, she still watched it anyway and enjoyed it. She highly suggests people watch the films so they can form their own opinions instead of listening to the ratings.

Kailey Carpino, another WLU student, who previously watched the film. She liked the music and the actors as well in the film. Carpino said that the film was “pretty good” and would likely watch it again. The trailer portrayed the film accurately to what they were showing in the movie. “The singing was a little bit better than the acting,” said Carpino. She rated the movie an eight and would highly suggest people watch the films. Carpino said that she wished there were more original songs than just the songs she heard before on the radio. She said, “I thought the actors did a good job on the vocals, but kind of wished they would switch up the music a little bit”.

Another WLU student, Elle Aguirre, had this to say about the trailer. “I did grow up with “Cinderella” so just the concept appealed to me,” said Aguirre. She states that movie watchers might be frightened by the bad reviews. The film looked funny to Aguirre. “Overall, I liked the way it was pieced together,” said Aguirre. She explained that she didn’t pay the most attention to the acting, just the plot of the story. She currently plans to watch the movie when her workload slows down.

“Cinderella” is currently free to watch for Amazon Prime subscribers.