Prepare for spring 2022: register for classes

Post-it note of pre-registration dates.

With less than two weeks until midterm exams, registration for classes next spring and summer semester is just around the corner. West Liberty University allows students to register for spring and summer classes early so that they may get a grasp on the potential courses to take and plan their schedules accordingly.

“I’m extremely excited to register for classes next semester since I’ll be registering for my last ones before I graduate,” said senior Elizabeth Allen.

“I’m excited to register for next semester because there are a lot of classes I haven’t experienced yet,” said sophomore Alexandria Black.

However, registering for classes is not as simple as it may sound, since students at West Liberty must go through a number of steps before they are allowed to register. First, students must schedule a meeting with their academic advisor so that they can receive their alternate PIN number. This PIN number allows students access to register after they log into their WINS account.

Once students finish logging into their WINS account, they then will select the student services tab and click on the Register or Add/Drop option. At this point, students will enter their alternate PIN number and begin searching for their desired courses. Once students find all the classes they want to take, they must copy and paste the course registration numbers into small white boxes located at the bottom of the registration page. Lastly, to finalize the registration, students will select the Submit Changes tab.

One side note to the pre-registration process is that every student does not register at the same time. Students register for courses by rank with seniors going first followed by juniors, sophomores, and finally freshmen. A schedule for when each rank will be allowed to register will be sent out to every West Liberty student. Scott Cook, Vice President of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, will send out more information on course registration via email in the coming weeks.

For some students, creating their own schedule can be a little intimidating. New student and Freshman Courtney Ellifritz expressed her concern toward registering for spring courses.

“I do not know what to expect. It’s very nerve racking in my opinion.”

A couple upper class students shared some tips that could make the scheduling process less stressful.
“Block out amounts of time to work on homework. Make sure that the schedule works for you and that you will be able to get things done. Also, talk to your advisor to see what their advice for scheduling would be. They are there to help,” said senior Kaitlin Wallace.

“The thing that I think usually helps me get organized is my planner,” said junior Zackery Meade.

Pre-registration for spring and summer courses will begin Oct.18, and will last until Nov. 5. Spring course schedules will be available to view on WINS Monday, Oct. 11.