Wondering how you can stay healthy as a college student? Read below!

The salad bar in the cafeteria.

On Oct. 7, the Student Government Association (SGA) sent out a survey via email to see what food options students would prefer. Out of the 184 responses to “If you were able to replace a food provider, which one(s) would it be?” 58 (31.5%) students said WOW, 38 (20.7%) said Jazzman’s and 116 (63%) said Sandella’s. Subway is to be replaced with a different restaurant. In response to “Any specific places you’d rather see and eat at on campus? (Chick-fil-a, Dunkin’, etc.)” students seem to favor Chick-fil-A, Chipotle, Dunkin, Starbucks or Taco Bell. Out of 191 students in response to “What food options would you like to see more of?” students seemed to put healthier options more.

Rhonda Noble, interim chair and professor of physical education said, “Although most fast food places are not the healthiest, something similar to Subway where students can get a fresh made salad and not a premade one or get a veggie wrap or sub.”

Sandella’s has plenty of healthy options, but it seems like we are looking for something healthy with more flavor. Not everyone likes barbecue pizza or bean bowls. We need something more universal. Jazzman’s was most favored, so Starbucks and Dunkin won’t work. Chipotle has some items that have less calories than Chick-fil-A, but they also have things that are higher in calories. Sandella’s has similar items to Chipotle, so that also wouldn’t work for some people. Chick-fil-A is good, but their variety isn’t like Taco Bell’s. Taco Bell’s calories are similar to Chick-fil-A’s. It’s flavorful, with the health benefits people are looking for.

The decision for the replacement has not been decided yet, so how can we stay healthy on campus now?

Noble said, “I always recommend scheduling a time every day for exercise. Exercise does not have to be jogging or spending hours in the gym. Go for a walk around campus or at Oglebay or play racquetball or tennis. The key is to find something you enjoy doing! For example, take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk to class.. Just as a note, exercise is the best stress reliever. All of the bad things stress does to your body, exercise counteracts. Get those endorphins flowing! The best thing for students to do would be to follow the replacement strategy. This is replacing unhealthy foods with healthier options. Instead of filling their rooms or homes with cookies and chips, replace them with fruits and vegetables.”

Duncan said, “Fitting anything into your schedule is based on how much you prioritize what you are trying to fit. Start out deciding when you will set aside time to exercise, then fit the rest of your day into your schedule. You’ll likely find that you have more time than expected. Naps, TV and phone time are generally more prioritized by college students who believe they do not have time for exercise. Eating healthy is largely a matter of personal accountability. Setting and maintaining goals will take away any perceived hopelessness or lack of opportunity.”

The Cafe has a salad bar, fruits and vegetables and soy milk for the most healthy options. You can get the Bite by Sodexo app to see the calorie intake for everything served. Bear Necessities has grapes, granola bars and other healthy snacks. Students can work out in the basement of Krise. We also have two tracks, a pool and other work equipment at the ASRC building. Do your part to stay healthy!