Which Classes are the Most Difficult?


Haley Blakemore

Poster found in Hughes Hall.

As the midterms have passed here at West Liberty University and finals are just a month away, it can bring up the question of what classes are the hardest. Since students are finishing up registering for classes, many students worry about how difficult their classes will be for next semester.

Class difficulty can be described in a couple of ways, the first being the workload of the class. A couple of others could be the difficulty of the material, lack of interest in the subject or all those reasons put together.

West Liberty University has the same universal way of ranking the difficulty of classes. That being classes are either 100, 200, 300 and 400 level classes. The lower-level classes, 100 level, are easier compared to the upper-level classes, 200 level. This works so on and so forth.

Bryan Courts, a senior business major and student-athlete, said, “I think my hardest class has to be my 300 and 400 hundred level major classes. This is because the material we learn in those classes can be difficult to understand. Lower levels can also be hard, but they are hard due to the amount of work that has to be done.”

Bailey Nixon, a junior pre-dentistry major said that “All of my classes are hard, but my “gen-eds” (general education) in particular are hard. I feel like this is because I am taking those classes because I have to, not because I want to. I would rather take classes that I am interested in.”

Ian Phillips, a senior broadcasting major said “My hardest classes I have this semester has to be the upper-level major classes. They just require a lot of work that take[s] time to do.”

Some of the students here at West Liberty have mixed reviews on what classes are the hardest. Regardless, college can be difficult for people in many ways. With that being said, good luck to everyone for the rest of the semester.