Have a messy dorm? Here’s a few dorm room cleaning tips!

A clean bed in Faith Hayes’ former dorm.

With finals right around the corner, cleaning can be an easy task to overlook. However, it’s one of the few small victory’s students can claim every day. Small living spaces can be easily cluttered, and messiness stands out much more in small spaces. As dorms are already very tiny, utilizing space is key to maintaining a tidy atmosphere while keeping it personalized to you.

In the morning, making your bed may seem trivial and tedious, but has a lasting positive effect on your mental health. Not only does it give you an immediate sense of accomplishment, but it also helps improve focus, calm nerves and enhance your organizational skills. An easy way to remember to make your bed is by linking it to a ritual you already act on each morning, such as brushing your teeth, doing yoga or making coffee, and then following it with making your bed. Over time, it will become a habit you don’t think about. If you have a roommate, it’s likely they will pick up on this as well.

As the day progresses, simple and quick tasks like cleaning spills, organizing your desk and putting laundry away can be done to create a cleaner environment in your spare time as you rush from class to class. With repetition, cleaning will be done without much thought. Having cleaning wipes or spray on hand is critical since they’ll last you a long time and are easily stored. Choosing an eco-friendly option like Clorox Compostable Cleaning Wipes or the ECOS brand will also help reduce your carbon footprint in the process. A vacuum is also ideal, albeit a potentially pricey option for college students. If you’re already lacking space, a handheld vacuum or Roomba can be a smaller and inexpensive option.

A to-do/chore list is an excellent, free tool to utilize in keeping you or your roommates organized throughout the day. Tasks included for both suitemates should be things like wiping down all surfaces, vacuuming or taking out the trash, and chores like folding laundry and organization should be kept personal. The schedule can be created in multiple ways, such as having it set up only once weekly, alternating days, or daily, but regardless, habits will form with ease and become less like dreaded duties.

When asked his opinion on keeping dorms clean, student Chase Durbin said, “It’s more important than ever this year to keep your dorm clean, to reduce the risk of Covid-19 and other harmful bacteria.” As many people return to in-person classes, this couldn’t be more critical. For information on disinfecting your dorm, please refer to the CDC’s guide on cleaning and disinfecting your facility.

Regardless of your background and major, having a clean and organized room can benefit everyone in developing useful skills that translate well into multiple career fields. Being organized is a trait many employers look for and entrepreneurs need, and by mastering it now through something as simple as cleaning, you can set yourself up for success in the future.