Dorm room friendly TikTok recipes

Living in a dorm comes with many challenges, and one we all face is figuring out what to eat. Though we have several dining options on campus, sometimes winter temperatures can prevent us from leaving our room. This doesn’t mean we have to eat unhealthy meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner because many healthy options can be made from the comfort of a dorm.

Whether you’re waking up early for a 7 a.m. class or sleeping in before attending afternoon classes, fitting breakfast into your schedule can be a challenge. A healthy, low-cost and quick breakfast option is overnight oats. This specific recipe calls for a half cup of old-fashioned oats, a half cup of milk, a three-fourths tablespoon of chia seeds, a fourth cup of strawberries and a three-fourth tablespoon of chocolate chips. Overnight oats taste good with a variety of toppings so feel free to be creative with your choices. After combining the ingredients and storing it in the fridge overnight, microwave for 45 to 60 seconds and enjoy! For more easy breakfast ideas, follow @bransclean on TikTok.

Eating healthy isn’t usually a top priority amidst homework, shortened sleep schedules and living on a budget. This wrap, however, is simple and of little cost to prepare. All you need is a tortilla, a tablespoon of hummus (feel free to add more), a handful of spinach or another leafy green, half of a Roma tomato and as much mozzarella cheese as you see fit. The recipe is straightforward and all you need to do is spread the hummus on the tortilla, add the greens, add your chopped tomato and mozzarella, and enjoy! If you struggle with folding wraps, there is a quick fix. Start from one end folding upwards about one-thirds of the way, then press down on this section with your thumb as you fold the ends into the middle. Now your wrap is fully encased and ready for you to eat! For more healthy lunch options, follow @its.chloeh on TikTok.

An easy dinner option is a loaded baked potato. Begin by washing the potato and poking holes throughout with a fork or knife. Cover with olive oil and microwave the potato for five minutes. Flip the potato over and add a slice of bacon to your plate and continue to microwave for another five minutes. Cut the potato in half and use a fork to smash the inside, add your preferred amounts of salt, pepper, butter and shredded cheese and microwave it for another 35 seconds. After removing the potato from the microwave, cut the slice of bacon and sprinkle it on the top. Chives and sour cream are other delicious options for toppings. For more dinner recipes follow on TikTok.

As the day winds down and you find yourself craving something sweet, instead of turning to the vending machines, why not make dessert yourself? Mug brownies are not only delicious, but all of their ingredients can be bought for a dollar or less. For the perfect mug brownie, take two tablespoons of sugar, one and one-half tablespoons of all-purpose flour, two tablespoons of cocoa, two tablespoons of water, two tablespoons of vegetable oil, a pinch of salt and a splash of vanilla into a large mug. Mix until fully combined, then add as many chocolate chips as you prefer. Microwave the mug cake for 40 seconds and then enjoy this amazing dorm room dessert! For more dessert recipes follow @ellarosebakes on TikTok.