Stressed about your midterms? Use these 5 tips to ace your exams!


Hanna Perry

The copy of the textbook for my creative writing class that I highlighted.

Midterm exams are next week, which means many students are writing papers, working on presentations and studying for several hours every night to prepare for their exams. However, it may be difficult for students to find the time to study for their exams or work on their projects for midterms every night. To settle this issue, there are many ways that you can improve your study habits so that you’re able to do well on your midterm exams. Here are a few tips to encourage you to prepare for your midterm exams.

1. Never Cram For Your Exam
Sometimes it is often difficult for college students to find the time to study for exams every night. It is never good to wait until the night before your midterm exam to study all of your material. Rather than studying all of your material in one night, you should break up what you’re studying into groups. Sometimes it’s easier to reread notes for one or two chapters of your textbook rather than waiting until the last minute to read them. You should never try to study the material for two different classes at once, otherwise you might get confused about what you are studying.

2. Make Notecards
Making notecards can be a great study technique for many college students because it helps them remember the things they learned in each class a little easier. Using notecards can be beneficial when you have to memorize things like definitions for a quiz and they can even be used to divide up the material that you’re learning. Each chapter that you read can be easily divided into sections because each chapter usually divides the section into paragraphs about different topics. This can be very beneficial, especially when it comes to making notecards.

3. Schedule A Tutoring Session
Some college students may find that it might be beneficial for them to study with someone one on one instead of studying on their own. West Liberty University is fortunate enough to have tutoring services available for all students on campus. West Liberty University’s Learning and Student Development Center is located on campus in Main Hall in the East Wing.

Chris McPherson who is the Director of the Learning and Student Development Center said, “Scheduling a session with a peer tutor allows for students to receive academic support in a setting that is intended to help them learn and grow within a particular content area or course. While peer tutors are not here to give students answers or guarantee they’ll receive a particular outcome/grade, they do work with their peers in better understanding course material.” Scheduling a tutoring session with a tutor on campus will help students become better learners and it may also help them improve their study habits.

4. Highlight Important Information
While you’re taking time to reread over the notes that you’ve taken for all of your classes throughout the semester, it may be beneficial for you to sit and highlight the important information. A lot of professors will give you a study guide for your midterm exam and it may be beneficial if you look over the questions while reading over your notes so that you can decide what the most important information is. Studying for midterm exams can be overwhelming at times, especially when you learn a lot of information in all of your courses, but highlighting the most important information throughout the notes you’ve taken makes studying for your midterm exam a lot easier.

5. Schedule A Session In The Writing Center
Some students may have been given a paper to write for their midterm exam and sometimes the process of writing and editing your finished paper may be a bit overwhelming for some students. One way that students can receive help when they’re writing their papers is by visiting the E. Kent & Barbara Culler Robinson Writing Center which is located in the basement of the Elbin Library here on campus. On the writing center’s website, it states, “Our mission at the Robinson Writing Center is to support students from all academic disciplines in improving their skills in written communication and gaining confidence in their writing abilities. With these goals in mind, our tutors aim to teach rhetorical principles that not only help students to approach the task at hand but also transfer across different courses and writing assignments.” Visiting the writing center to get help with a paper might be beneficial to students because it will allow them to have another student look at their paper and the tutor may be able to offer helpful suggestions on how you can make your paper more effective.