Making connections in college helps prepare students for post-graduation life

Isaac speaking with Hockey players at a Nailer’s game.

Many students complete internships or jobs throughout their time in college that align with their majors. Some students may not realize how making connections through their internships and jobs can be life changing post-graduation. A few West Liberty University (WLU) students shared some information about their experiences with on and off campus internships to help prepare them for job opportunities in their future careers after higher education.

Isaac Basinger, broadcasting major at WLU, is currently the play-by-play broadcaster for Topper Station and the color commentator for the Wheeling Nailers hockey team. Basinger said, “I have gained a great deal of experience off campus.” He explained that he has gained a lot of real-world experience while working with the Wheeling Nailers. Basinger said, “My responsibilities range from doing player interviews to calling games.”

Basinger also expressed his gratitude for having real-world work experience with the Wheeling Nailers. “The connections I have made led to making connections with other broadcasters in the league.” Making connections with professionals in the field of broadcasting is a “huge deal” to Basigner. He added, “Connections can help me possibly get a job post-graduation, but if I don’t get a job right away, there are people who can help point me in a good direction.”

Annalise Murphy is a junior at WLU who is a double major in criminal justice and journalism. Murphy is currently interning with WTRF7-News in Wheeling, W.Va. Murphy said she is learning a lot through this internship. “One person who has had an impact on me would be, Taylor Long, who works as a multimedia journalist. So far, she has taught me how to work the camera, get my own footage, and let me use some of my skills from my Adobe video editing class to create videos that actually have gone on air,” said Murphy.

Murphy expressed that she wants to become a reporter post-graduation and work with multimedia. Working with WTRF-7 is giving her hands-on, real-life experience that will help Murphy with getting a job right out of college. Murphy says, “I do hope to make good connections and work hard during my internship to learn as much as I can before I graduate.”

If you’re interested in obtaining an internship on or off campus, talk to your academic advisor and they will be able to help you or point you in the right direction. The people you meet and connections you make in college can only be an advantage to your future.