Kappa Phi seeks to add more sisters to Christian based sorority

Starting from the back Pastor Debra Daue, Emily Everson, Calesha Williamson, Ashley Cole, Serena Smith and Samantha Shipley.

West Liberty University’s (WLU) Kappa Phi sorority is looking for more members. Kappa Phi is a christian sorority that is accepting and open to anyone interested in joining. They have a great connection with the campus community that spurs from their mission as an on-campus organization.

Caitlyn Hufford is Kappa Phi’s current president. “Kappa Phi is a non denominational National Christian Organization. Our four main focuses are worship, study, service and fellowship. We have partnered with different organizations over the years for service projects such as breast cancer awareness fundraisers called Pink Party, mentoring Shriner’s children and a suicide prevention walk. We have recently created a relationship with C^2,” said Hufford.

Kappa Phi aims to get people together for long lasting friendships. Hufford explained, “I became president to change the dynamic of Kappa Phi. We have so much diversity within our organization, and I and the vice president, Jessica Horn, had ideas to showcase that and enhance our sisterhood.”

Jessica Horn is the vice president of Kappa Phi. “I joined my first semester at WLU to gain friends because I knew no one here on the hilltop when I came here. I also went to a Christian school my whole life, so it was nice to have familiarity!” Horn encourages individuals interested in Greek life to join Kappa Phi. “You can never have too much support on the hilltop!”

Ashley Cole is a member of Kappa Phi and had this to say about her reason for joining the group: “I joined Kappa Phi looking to deepen my faith and to find new friends on a campus where I didn’t know anyone.” Cole noted that she has gained so many amazing sisters over the years that will be there for the rest of her life. “Kappa Phi is an amazing group of women who will meet you at any stage of your journey in your faith. They will support you and accept you no matter what. They help you grow, make some great memories and laugh a lot along the way.”

“My favorite Kappa Phi memory would be the Rose Tea recruiting event my freshman year.” said Cole. “I met some amazing and kind girls who welcomed me. They convinced me to join and later to help take leadership in Kappa Phi and help it grow.”

Horn mentioned that one of her favorite memories as a member of Kappa Phi was the Suicide Prevention Walk last year. “My other favorite is Big/Little when I got one of my best friends as a Big, then a year later, I got another best friend as a Little,” said Horn.

Kappa Phi will be holding another Suicide Prevention Walk this year. The walk will take place on the quad on Wednesday, April 6, 2022.

If you are interested in joining Kappa Phi, contact Kappa Phi at @wlukappaphi on Instagram or West Liberty University Kappa Phi on Facebook.