Bored in your dorm? Here are a few ways to get involved on campus

Going to college can be tough at times, but getting involved in campus activities can help to enhance the experience and make long lasting memories for you to look back on. Participating in campus life can be a great way to explore your interests and meet new people.

“Getting involved on campus is an easy way to venture out into meeting new people,” said Ali Rhinaman, a resident assistant in Beta Hall. “The activities also keep your mind and body active.”

West Liberty University offers a broad range of opportunities to get involved with. There are a variety of clubs and organizations that meet on a regular basis ranging from history club, to investment club, to soccer club. A group or organization exists for almost every niche. A full list can be found on the WLU website.

The West Liberty University Diversity Committee is one of the most active groups on campus. They set up a large variety of events throughout the academic year with the goal of promoting inclusivity and diversity on the hilltop. So far this semester, the committee has hosted numerous events for Black history month and women’s history month including an African American read in, African drum and dance display, and a lady’s night in the student wellness center.

The West Liberty University international club also organizes exciting activities and interactive events for both students and faculty throughout the year. Popular events include the international food festival and Mardi Gras festival.

West Liberty’s resident assistants (RA’s) also coordinate a variety of small events and activities in each residential dormitory on campus. These activities are ideal for those who need a break from studying or prefer quieter settings. Reach out to your RA for more information about upcoming events in your building.

The College Union ballroom is also regularly busy with student activities. The Student Life team at West Liberty, headed by Kate Billings, offers a rotation of easily accessible activities with several different dates and times. Events include paint and sits, Mario Kart tournaments, Jackbox Games and bake sales. Details are posted on bulletin boards around campus and flyers are also posted on the WLU Snapchat. “Most of the time for our events you just have to show up and no signing up is necessary!” said Rhinaman.

As the sun starts to shine on the hilltop and the temperature increases, the number of outdoor activities ticks up as well. During the warmer months, the quad is often host to events that get people up and active. “Some big hits are Kan Jam, cornhole and volleyball!” said Rhinaman.

Volleyball and cornhole tournaments are easy to sign up for and be a part of. “There are countless activities that go on at West Liberty. If you are someone who loves sports but is not on a sports team, we have intramural sports such as indoor soccer, volleyball, basketball and many more,” said Rhinaman.

Club and organization activities are not the only way to become more engaged in the campus community. West Liberty is home to a variety of NCAA Division II sports teams which compete all year round. WLU athletics events regularly have a high supporter turnout which helps to produce an exciting and welcoming atmosphere.

West Liberty’s softball, baseball, track and field, acrobatics and tumbling, tennis and golf teams have on-campus competitions remaining this semester. A full schedule of sporting events can be found on Hilltopper Sports.