Campus Ministries offers free lunch on campus!

The food was served on March 3rd.

The Campus Ministry provides free and delicious lunches every Wednesday for all West Liberty students, and it’s something you should take advantage of!

On March 3, the Campus Ministry had baked ziti with salad and different flavors of bread from 12-1 p.m. in the afternoon. The baked ziti, which is a type of pasta, was amazing! They allow you to take food with you as you leave which is great for people on the go. I love this feature about the lunches and was able to grab some bread on the way out. Students were able to choose between strawberry, lemon and cinnamon bread. I only have about 30 minutes to eat on Wednesdays, so the lunches are very convenient for my busy schedule.

This service was on the same day as Lent, and the meal was prepared specifically for this occasion. Diann Nickerson, director of Protestant Campus Ministry, said, “We had baked ziti, which was vegetarian because some Christians practice meatless meals during Lent. Students who did not attend Ash Wednesday services still came to our luncheon. Coming to our luncheon does not obligate you to attend other campus ministry events.”

Nickerson teamed up with Sharon Miller for the preparation of this meal but welcomes anyone who wants to help in the future. Miller is a member of Nickerson’s own church, Warwood United Methodist Church, and a member of the WLU Protestant Campus Ministry Board.

The Campus Ministry has a budget for various things like looming supplies and food. This budget is provided by numerous local churches and people that donate to the West Liberty Protestant Campus Ministry program.

Every luncheon I’ve been to has something different! The last time I attended, the Campus Ministry prepared taco in a bag.

Nickerson said, “The majority of our lunches consist of popular items students like such as pepperoni rolls, tacos in a bag and pasta. The food is homemade and I’ve received comments that it’s pretty tasty.”

Even though many students may be busy on campus, there are usually about 20 people who attend.

Nickerson said, “I would love to get students to participate in the luncheons, maybe a sporting team, a sorority or fraternity, the international students, etc. Food is always a great way to meet new people and participate in the life of the campus.”

For more information, contact Nickerson at [email protected].