Murphy steps down as editor, new editor to take over this fall


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Annalise Murphy a rising senior is double majoring in criminals justice and journalism is currently serving as the Editor in Chief for The Trumpet.

I’d first like to start this farewell by saying thank you. Thank you to all my professors, friends and family who have always supported me in all my endeavors. I would also like to thank our faithful readers, who take the time to read and view the hard work myself and my staff put in each week to bring honest and accurate news through our student produced newspaper.

This is the last Trumpet issue of the spring 2022 semester, and the last issue I will be serving as the editor-in-chief of The Trumpet.

For the past two and half years, I have spent countless hours and many sleepless nights to ensure the content published in The Trumpet was accurate, honest and to the journalistic quality that I know so many of our readers look forward to each week. I have helped see The Trumpet through a multimedia convergence, participated in our centennial celebrations by helping author a book in honor of 100 years of Trumpet publications and grown as a journalist in so many ways. To say I am grateful for the experiences and lifelong friendships I have gained during my time as editor of this publication is an understatement.

If it were not for my former professor and Trumpet Advisor, Tammie Beagle, talking to me in her office that one cold January afternoon telling me she wanted me to become editor — I would not be the journalist I am today. I became editor of this newspaper as a freshman. With still so much to learn and so much confidence to gain, Beagle believed in me when I did not believe in myself. She saw my potential as a journalist. Even though it took me a while to find it in myself, I will forever be grateful for her continued guidance and encouragement.

I would also like to thank my current communications professor and Trumpet Director, Dr. Danielle Mehlman-Brightwell, for saving The Trumpet when we as communications students were unsure if the newspaper would continue being published during or after the COVID-19 pandemic. If it were not for her dedication of seeing this publication through a multimedia convergence and creating more collaboration with our student broadcast station, I am certain The Trumpet would not be the publication it has grown into present day. Additionally, I would like to thank Mehlman-Brightwell for her continued mentorship and long hours of ensuring I am not only meeting my career goals, but surpassing them.

Stepping away from a position I have been in for most of my college years is so bittersweet. I am excited to graduate in spring 2023 and start working as a multimedia journalist, but that does not make my decision of stepping down as editor any easier. I am going to miss being a part of a team and community that cares so much about each other and so much about providing honest news to our campus. Thankfully, I still have time to spend with the lovely Trumpet community and plan to write for The Trumpet this fall.

I wish The Trumpet, the staff and whomever the new editor-in-chief will be nothing but continued success moving forward. I hope my position as editor has made an impact on this publication, as I know it has made an impact on my life and career. Once a Hilltopper, always a Hilltopper.

Annalise Murphy
The Trumpet Editor-in-Chief: January 2020 — April 2022