Spring class registration begins

It’s advising season once again on the Hilltop. Classes for the spring 2023 semester are available to view on WINS. Registration begins on Oct. 17 for seniors, Oct. 21 for juniors, Oct. 27 for sophomores and Nov. 2 for freshmen.

Though it might seem like a drag, or even daunting for a freshman, meeting with your academic advisor is incredibly important. Your advisor will help you choose the right courses for next semester to ensure that you are taking all the correct courses in order to graduate on time.

For freshmen, advising time is also a good opportunity to get to know your professors. Inquire about upcoming classes that interest you, it will let your teachers know that you are engaged and enthusiastic about the classes they are offering. Classes are much more enjoyable when you have a good rapport with the professor in charge.

Some classes are only offered in certain semesters so it’s important to discuss with your advisor whether it is necessary for you to take a class as soon as possible. This is particularly relevant if you are planning to graduate early. If this is the case, make your advisor aware of your plans so that they can guide you as best as possible.

Advising can be much quicker if you go into the meeting with a rough draft of the classes that you are planning to take. You can find out the classes you need to take in order to fulfill your degree requirements on Degreeworks. Degreeworks will note the classes in your majors, minors and general education requirements that you still need to complete to be eligible to graduate. If something is incorrect on your Degreeworks profile, speak to your advisor as soon as possible.

Student athletes also need to take special precaution when registering for classes in order to remain eligible to compete. A certain number of hours must be completed each semester within a student’s major after the start of their junior year. For more information about NCAA requirements, speak to your coach or contact Brad Forshey, WLU’s athletic compliance director.