Recycling is easy to do at WLU

By Tara Adamczyk, Staff Writer

As college students, we tend to create a lot of trash. Throughout the semester, we use countless pieces of paper, plastic bags and bottles, aluminum cans, and other materials that we often just throw away. But it only takes a little extra effort to recycle many of the items we take for garbage, and at WLU, it’s getting even easier for us to do so.

Dr. Dave Thomas, Professor of English, is taking the initiative and making WLU a recycling campus.

“I have recycled all of my life, and I was depressed to find that WLU did not have a program in place,” said Thomas. “Therefore, a Green Initiative Committee was formed, and we were able to get our baby program started.”

Currently WLU students only have two places on campus where they can take their recyclables. The smaller of the two is in the Student Union, marked with a green arrow, beneath the steps leading to the kitchen area. Students are only able to take paper, cardboard, and aluminum cans there. However, in the recycling room in Elbin Library (I-18-C), you are able to recycle paper, cardboard, bi-metal cans, batteries, clean reusable plastic bags, plastic bottles, and packaging guts (bubble-wrap and Styrofoam peanuts).

“I would recycle more if WLU did have recycling bins in the dorms,” said Jessica Baker, a senior accounting major. “It would be much more convenient for students if we could take our recyclables up with our trash, rather than trying to remember to grab them on our way to class.”

Thomas is currently working on solving this problem and was awarded $25,000 in grant money from the WV Department of Natural Resources. The money is being used primarily for new recycling bins, which will be placed around campus. The bins should be seen around the middle of the semester.

“Recycling is morally responsible–especially in a culture of wastefulness,” said Thomas. “So many things that are thrown away can be reused or recycled.  We must preserve our planet for our future generations.”

So let’s get involved with recycling; we have a moral obligation to save and preserve the planet. By recycling you are not only preventing more trees from being cut down, you are also helping with the economy and the wildlife.

Any student wanting to get more involved with WLU Green Initiative Committee can email Dave Thomas at [email protected].