Enjoy Easter Sunday with family and new friends

By Jessica Broverman, Editor

Easter is a religious holiday that is celebrated by Christians as the day of Jesus Christ’s resurrection. Though this is a religious holiday, it is also a holiday that college students look forward to for a multitude of reasons. It is an opportunity for students to go home and enjoy all the great events that come with Easter.

One of the most important things that occur for WLU students during Easter is simply getting to go home. After weeks of grueling classes, exams, and bad sleep schedules, it’s nice to head home and see your family and friends from your hometown. On top of that, it’s during the holiday weekend, so rather than hiding out in your old bedroom, there will be a multitude of events to do with your family.

Easter activities will come into play as well during this weekend. One of the best memories many of us carry with us is the Easter egg hunt. Yes, this is primarily for children, but hey, we’re all children at heart and we all love candy. Just because you are in college, don’t think you cannot grab an Easter egg basket and join in on the fun. Remember that your fellow hunters are probably younger than you, so keep in mind not to knock over any elementary school students!

The food is also one of the main attractions when going home for the holidays. Not only will there be lots of sweets and yummy meals, but you will get the opportunity to use a stove and oven for the first time in weeks. Now you get to eat something really great and substantial versus the chips and salsa we’ve all been surviving off of for way too long.

If you are not Christian or do not celebrate Easter, no worries. This is a time of appreciation and kindness, which means those who celebrate this holiday will welcome just about anyone with open arms. To those that never take part in Easter, maybe now is the chance to change that. For those that celebrate every year, invite someone new to join in on the festivities. Perhaps both of you will find a new love for Easter weekend.