Early move-in presents pros and cons

By Morgan Goddard, Assistant Editor

As a resident assistant (RA) at West Liberty University, I officially moved into my room this past Monday. I unpacked all my belongings, said my goodbyes, and began dorm life for the new fall semester. Though I’m not the only one on campus, or even on my floor, I am one of the few people living here. I’ve found that here are pros and cons to moving in long before the majority of campus.

The pros to moving in early are really nice, and there are a few. One great thing is that I haven’t had to wait for an elevator yet. This was an added plus, especially while I was moving in because I didn’t have to carry anything up three flights of stairs. Another perk is that I can now can get smoothies at Jazzman’s, and anyone who knows me knows I love smoothies from Jazzman’s.

Since I have nothing to do until RA training starts, I now have the chance to re-familiarize myself with the campus. This isn’t really a big deal seeing as how I’ve been here for three years, but there are some things that change that require adjustment. The business office is now on the first floor, for example.

The last pro is probably the best one, and that is that the Wi-Fi is actually working. I know many of my friends have complained about how hard it is to use the Wi-Fi when everyone else is also using it. Since there are only a handful of people here, I don’t have to compete with other internet users. However, not everything is great during early move in.

One con is that none of my friends are yet. I’m sure I’ll make great friends amongst the staff once we start seeing each other more, but until then, my board games will stay stored away until they can be used. Also, seeing as how classes and my responsibilities as an RA haven’t started yet, I have to keep myself busy or else I’ll go crazy. The most obvious con is that campus feels like a ghost town, and it’s eerily quiet. I’m used to seeing tons of people on the quad, cars vying for parking spots, and hearing people up and down the halls.

 The pros and cons to early move in seem to balance each other out, as there are plenty of each of. I’m sure that the others that have moved in early have different opinions. One thing I can say for sure, though, is that it’s great to be back on the Hilltop!