Highlands Center continues growth off the Hilltop

By Jessica Broverman, Contributing Writer

The West Liberty University Highlands Center has not only upgraded classes this semester; new programs and exterior additions have become a part of the college’s branch as well.

Graduate assistant programs, an attached hotel, and a new conference space that may be rented out are among the new offerings at the Highlands Center. The newly developed conference hall is over 4,000 square feet in area, and the Marriot Fairfield Inn hotel has over 100 rooms.

The new graduate assistantship program is expected to help students thrive at West Liberty, and there are three categories of graduate assistants.

Graduate Teaching Assistants are primarily instructional, and they help in leading lecture classes and serve as an assistant to laboratory classes. Graduate Research Assistants are selected for excellence in scholarship for research purposes. Graduate Service Assistants are employed to aid faculty members and staff with functions of the unit in which the appointment is made.  You may find more information about these programs at the university’s website under “Graduate Assistantships.”

The Highlands Center is located in Triadelphia, W.Va. and is across from Highmark Insurance. It is ideal for busy students who may have a full-time job or family. Weekend classes are offered in addition to timely lectures and courses that may be completed in half the time of a regular classroom setting.

“Location and hours are main differences one would see at the Highlands,” said Sara Sweeney, Highlands Center Campus Manager and Coordinator of Graduate Studies. “The location is convenient for students attending and our extended hours, which include Saturday classes, makes the Highlands Center a great place for commuters, adult learners, and graduate students. The modern classrooms also make for an excellent learning environment for our students.”

“The School of Professional Studies hosts all of their programs from the Highlands Center, and you will also find all of the courses for the Master of Arts in Education at the Highlands Center,” Sweeney said. “The Highlands Center hosts several events from career preparation seminars, the graduation fair, financial aid nights, Community University, various types of training and meetings for all areas of the University as well as other outside organizations.”

To learn more about the Highlands Center, visit westliberty.edu/highlands or email  Sweeney at [email protected].