Ranking of West Liberty’s Dorm Buildings

By Sean Kranske, Contributing Writer

At West Liberty University, there are currently five dorm buildings that are occupied by students. Every building offers a great place for West Liberty students to live, but some may be better than others. Students may have their own opinion on which building is the best option, but here is my ranking of West Liberty’s dorm buildings.

Bonar Hall is the number one building on Campus. The building is the honors dorm here on campus, and as a result provides luxuries that the other buildings do not. Its convenient location and condition of the rooms makes this a great place to live on campus. The building is located near the quad, with the Union, Main Hall, and Library only a short walk away. Bonar residents have a walk-in closet that frees up a lot of space in the room itself. Bonar residents also have very large bathrooms, which many students appreciate.

Bonar resident Morgan Dawn said, “I like that the sink is in the bathroom so I always have a place to get ready in the morning.” One complaint residents do have, however, is with the buildings air conditioning and heating. “I don’t like that I can’t control when the heat or air comes on,” Dawn said.

Second on the list is Curtis Hall. Curtis is right next to Bonar and as a result, is in a very convenient location. The rooms and hallways have been renovated over the summer, significantly improving the condition of the building. The lobby is small but well-furnished, offering a great place for students to relax. The downside to living in Curtis is that students do not get their own bathroom. Instead, each floor has a community bathroom which can prove to be an inconvenience to many Curtis Hall residents. The air conditioning and heating is similar to that in Bonar Hall, which is also a minor inconvenience.

The third best building on campus is Hughes Hall. The building is located near Shaw Hall, and offers spacious rooms, carpeted floors, and a great lobby equipped with a smart TV and Pool table. The building is a little farther away from the rest of the campus, but is still in a reasonable location. Hughes Residents also appreciate the air conditioning, which students have full control over in their room.

Hughes resident Emily Stephens said, “I love living in Hughes because you can set the temperature of the room to your convenience.” Hughes Hall does have a few issues with rust on the doorframes to the bathrooms, and some places are in need of a new paint job.

The fourth best building on campus is Krise Hall. The building does not offer the most convenient place to live, being located behind Curtis and Bonar Hall. Krise residents have to make a long trek up a hill and across the quad to make it to the Union, Main Hall, and the Marketplace. However, the building does offer in-room air conditioners and bathrooms much like Hughes. Krise Hall does have the best lobby of all the dorm buildings with various televisions, study areas, a pool table and fish tank. The rooms, however are much smaller than Hughes, and residents have frequent problems with the building’s elevators.

Krise Hall resident Bailee Dugan said, “I like having elevators, but I hate that they break down all the time.”

Beta Hall is the fifth best, but is still a great place to live. The location is the biggest downside to Beta, being all the way down a steep hill behind Krise Hall. Beta Hall is nearly identical to Hughes Hall, and offers the same air-conditioning, bathrooms, and lobby. Beta Hall has seen minor improvements over the summer, with the top two floors being reopened.

Beta Hall offers a great social atmosphere, according to resident Jake Dziamniski who said, “Beta is a great experience if you want a more social environment. It can get a little loud at night, but it’s everything you’d want from a college dorm.”