Getting into rhythm for spring semester

By Jalyn Bolyard, Online Editor

It can be hard to get back in the rhythm of college after such a nice, long winter break.

However, spring semester is just right around the corner! That means it’s about time to head back to the hilltop and get back to work. Here are some tips to coming back and starting the semester off right.  

First, it’s been awhile since scheduling took place. Check your WINS account to double check your classes and to make sure what rooms your classes are in. Sometimes rooms can change after registration – nobody wants to be lost on the first day!  

After you double check your class schedule, write it down in a planner or calendar. It’s nice to have reminders, and it also helps you visualize and remember your routine quickly.

Second, while packing clothes for the new semester, remember to pack hoodies, boots, heavy socks, gloves and winter coats. It may be called “spring semester” but it’s still winter! Forgetting any of those can lead to a very bad day when it snows on the hilltop.

Also make sure to pack any supplies, groceries and books you’ll need for the semester. If you think you might need it – bring it! Better safe than sorry, especially when it comes to packing for college.  

Third, remember to check Sakai the first week of classes. Sakai was recently updated and it looks a bit different, so it won’t hurt to explore it and check out all the changes. 

However, definitely make sure to check Sakai if you have an online class. Missing an assignment the first week isn’t how anybody wants to start out their semester, but it can happen. Keep ahead of the assignments, and you’ll start off the semester on the right foot!

Fourth, remember to relax this semester! Sometimes classes can get overbearing and stressful, so remember to take some time for you. 

There’s something for everyone and this spring semester will have many opportunities to relax and have fun. Remember, just because it’s the second semester doesn’t mean it is too late to join a club or to be active in an organization.

Also, any upcoming sporting event is on Hilltopper Sports’ main page, and you can also look up the full schedule to see when the home games are.

With the new semester approaching, it can be easy to freak out. Just remember to keep organized and relax, and it’ll go by smoothly. Good luck, Toppers!