Focus, fun are key for strong semester finish

By Daniel Morgan, Editor 
We’re halfway through the spring semester at West Liberty, and while the first half may have went by smoothly and quickly for some, for others it may have dragged on with stress and chaos. Regardless of which category you fall into, it’s important to make sure that you’re focused and prepared for the rest of what this semester has to offer.

Maybe you didn’t have a “successful” start to the semester in terms of your grades or progress in your classes. Whether you like it or not, there are still six weeks left of this semester, and it’s much better to get a move on things now instead of waiting just a few more days or even weeks.
It might be hard to “break” out of Spring Break mode, but that’s honestly the first trick to staying on track for the second half of the semester. Many students just finished with midterm exams, or they have several assignments due right after break. Make sure that you’re focused on your work and aware of due dates, and the transition will be smoother.
Another great way to ensure that you finish this semester strong is to set goals for yourself. Keep track of when things are due, how long you have to finish assignments, and what all you need to remember a month or so from now. “Be prepared;” it may sound corny, but it works.
Plus, there are plenty of resources on-campus that offer help to any students during any time of the semester. The Learning and Student Development Center and the Center for Arts and Education both offer numerous resources to students, and both are located on the first floor in Main Hall. There are plenty of individuals who you can turn to for support, too, like your professors, friends and your family.
Finishing the semester strong isn’t just limited to academics, however. Why not try a new campus activity one week? There are plenty of things to do at West Liberty University (no matter what others might tell you); you just have to get out there and participate.
Basketball game fun. Photo credit: Daniel Morgan
While you’re at it, making some new friends or making a point to spend more time with your friends is another perfect way to make the most out of the semester. This could be the last time you get to spend with them for a while before you leave for the summer, or maybe this is the last time you’ll get to hang out before you graduate.
If you’re graduating at the end of this semester, my best piece of advice for you is to enjoy the rest of it. Make sure that you’re focused for everything that needs finished before May 12, but other than that, don’t let stress or the future take too much time away from having fun.
Just remember to make time for yourself, and make time for some fun along the way; that’s just as important as worrying about academics for the rest of the semester.
I know firsthand how stressful things can get, but if you surround yourself with positivity and good friends, everything will work out. I’m also here to offer any advice or just listen if anyone needs a set of ears. Feel free to reach out to me at [email protected]
Photo credit: Lindsay Dowdle