Nutting Gallery features unique paper-cutting artwork 

By Megan Jones, Advertising Manager 
The Nutting Gallery hit the ground running after Spring Break with a gallery opening that featured artist Kathryn Carr. On March 23, students and staff members filled the gallery to see over 25 different and unique works of art, all made of cut paper. 
According to The Nutting Gallery’s Facebook page, Carr has been experimenting with her own contemporary style of Scherenschnitte, which means “scissor cuts” in German and is the art of paper cutting and design. This form of art was founded in Switzerland and Germany in the 16th century and was eventually brought to America in the 18th century by Dutch immigrants who settled in Pennsylvania. 
In 2008, Carr began focusing her talents on the art of paper cutting after becoming drawn to the bold imagery of the pieces with their silhouettes and intriguing shadows. Carr is completely self-taught and enjoys experimenting with this medium and the new materials and styles that come along with it. 
“My whimsical designs begin by sketching an idea and giving it a sense of movement and playfulness,” Carr said. 
After sketching her designs, Carr will then draw the image on the back of paper to be cut. Then, using scissors or a blade, she carefully cuts the paper away to reveal the final image. 
Those who attended the gallery opening were lucky enough to have a chance to meet Carr and speak about her work, and many classes in  the Fine Arts Building have been working on the unique art style. 
If you missed the opening, have no fear; Carr’s pieces will be displayed in the Nutting Gallery on campus until April 13!
Photo credits: Nutting Gallery’s Facebook page