Students should keep updated with SGA elections and events

By Maria Kimble, Contributing Writer

Student Government Association (SGA) elections are happening today, April 5, and it is important for students to participate in the election. The Student Government elections are held from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. through electronic voting. E-mails are to be sent out with a link to vote for the candidates. The President and Vice-President-elects will be sworn in towards the conclusion of the Honors Convocation ceremony.

SGA is the voice of the students to administration. In the past, SGA elections have been either a hit-or-miss event with the student body. Reid Boden, SGA president, said, “It is important for students to keep updated with SGA elections because these students that are running for the election are going to be the student body leaders of West Liberty University.”

Many students are unaware of the impact SGA has when it comes to campus traditions, administrative communications and decision-making. Boden said, “Voting keeps this student body honest, and reassures this University that the students do care about campus tradition and campus policy. Let’s not let them forget that.”

Each person involved with SGA has an important role and influences the success of the University. As the students of WLU, you have an important role to influence the success of SGA. If SGA has the backing of the student body, it will make them stronger in making your voices heard.

The first step is to take part in voting. Boden said, “Some of these senate candidates are amongst the best and brightest students that this campus has to offer, and bring some of the best ideas to the table during every SGA meeting.”

Often times, the Student Senate seats are not completely filled for the fall and spring semester.  Any student has the opportunity to be appointed to a Student Senate seat in SGA. A student must attend up to three meetings, state their name and purpose, and be appointed to the seat with two-thirds Senate approval.

Students do not have to run for office to be involved with SGA. Any student is always welcome to attend any SGA meeting or event at any time to voice any concerns and objections.

Student Government maintains an ‘open door’ policy to our office, and always welcomes anyone to stop by to ask questions, offer insight, voice concerns, and even make suggestions at any time,” Boden said.

Furthermore, SGA is currently debating on holding future events such as a town hall for students to come and voice their opinions.

“SGA used to host town halls to hear constituent concerns,” Boden said, “but that tradition has slipped away on the past. That is a tradition that this Student government would like to renew if not this year, then next year!” The project is currently in the works and will be announced to the Student Body if and when SGA makes a decision.

The SGA office is located on the top floor of the Student Union, in office S-9. Students are encouraged to stop by with any concerns or questions. Remember to electronically vote today, April 5, for SGA elections.

Photo credit: WLU SGA’s Twitter