Try not to stress over job-hunting after graduation 

By Megan Jones, Advertising Manager
Graduation is almost a month away, which is causing seniors on the hilltop to feel a little panicky. We’ve already graduated once, so what is there to be afraid of? Graduate school applications, building your resume, writing a cover letter, finding a good paying job, paying off student loans and possibly becoming homeless. Okay, I understand why you’re scared now!
There are a million things that could go wrong, but if you take time to prepare yourself properly, you’ll be “adulting” in the real world before you know it. 
Instead of trying to remember all the right things to say, let’s focus on the biggest mistakes those fresh out of college make. 
Senior nursing student Ian Drake said, “The biggest difficulty I have when putting together a resume is describing myself accurately. It’s hard to say everything I need to say about myself within the confines of a standard resume.”
Resumes are one of the most important documents you’ll put together in your life. The easiest option may be to use a template online to get the job done, but not creating a customized resume can get your application thrown in the trash very quickly. Use your resume as a marketing tool to make a stronger statement about what you can do for a company. 
You’ve got to really sell yourself! Add a cover letter that explains in detail why you’re right for the position being offered, and you’re all set to send in your application.
The internet is a magical place where it seems you can find anything, possibly even a job. According to a MonsterCollege survey, 78 percent of college graduates said networking was a big weakness for them. 
Yes, it’s a good idea to apply to jobs that interest you on the web, but it’s also important to remember that there are many candidates out there applying for the same job. If you work on your contacts and networking skills, you can successfully work your way into a company or organization. 
Sending in your resume and waiting by the phone is another common mistake college graduates make. By being proactive and following up with the company, you won’t find yourself lost in the unemployed black hole. By simply sending a thank you card to your interviewer, you can make a big difference. 
Last but not least, don’t set your hopes too high. We are young and have our whole lives to find our “dream job.” Instead of putting all your focus on finding the perfect job, open your eyes and look for your first job
Jobs straight out of college won’t always pay all the bills, or be what you want to do for your whole life. A first job allows you to learn; the perfect job will come along with experience. 
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