Sounding Off on next semester

Compiled by Megan Jones





What class are you excited for next semester?

“I’m not too excited for anything, but Anatomy and Physiology 2 should be interesting.”

-Noah Teaff, Junior, Human Bio Major

“I’m looking forward to History 104 because I’m interested in history and really enjoy Professor Czernek’s classes.”

-Emma Romanek, Sophomore, Elementary Ed. Major

“I’m most excited to participate in my on-campus internship.”

-Elisabeth Parsons, Senior, Broadcasting Major

“I’m excited and scared for clinicals; scared to actually start working with patients and applying what I’ve learned but excited for the same reasons!”

-Beth Creeger, Sophomore, Nursing Major

“I’m looking forward to Shakespeare class the most!”

-Grant VanCamp, Freshman, Theater Major