SGA: Feedback leads to positive changes 

By Sean Kranske, Contributing Writer
Over the past year, the Student Government Association (SGA) has taken great steps forward to improve West Liberty University events and services. SGA has further emphasized student feedback this semester, which has resulted in a lot of positive changes for West Liberty. As the academic year comes to an end, SGA can reflect on the changes made this year and start planning for next semester.
SGA senator Natasha Muhametzyanova said, “We are actively trying to involve all students to share their opinions with us. Many big decisions SGA made this year were based on student feedback.”
Student feedback has had a crucial role in many big decisions made by SGA this year. This includes the decision to have the Homecoming dance and Spring Fling on campus.  
Muhametzyanova explained, “I know not everyone likes having both parties on campus, but I think now students know that they need to voice their opinions, vote in the polls, and come to weekly SGA meetings because their input really matters.”
There are many ways that students can offer their opinions to SGA. This includes responding to the Twitter polls posted online by SGA or by using the SGA suggestion box located in the Union.
This semester, SGA has also worked at improving dining options for students. Muhametzyanova said, “The most important thing for all on-campus residents this year was the work of our Sodexo committee.”
“Gage Sutton and his committee did a great job bringing some new food options to the cafeteria and consulting on meal plan changes we saw last semester, like the late-night swipe option,” she added.
The changes made to the dining options has given students more freedom with their meal plan, and the changes were well received by students.
Looking forward, SGA hopes to implement more changes that will improve the student experience at WLU. 
Muhametzyanova said, “I’m looking forward to next year, and I hope to see even more student involvement and fresh ideas that we can implement in the future.”
West Liberty University’s SGA has represented the students well. It is important to remember to aid their success in the future, and it is important to remain involved and let your voice be heard – even if that means something as simple as voting in SGA’s Twitter polls or putting suggestions in the SGA suggestion box.