Impulse shopping happens more in person than online 

By Jalyn Bolyard, Online Editor 
Online shopping can be pretty addicting, but I think most impulse shopping comes from shopping in a physical store rather than an online one. Now, before you roll your eyes, hear me out. 
I know online shopping definitely has its benefits when it comes to finding certain items, and it can be addicting for some people. From clothes, to food, décor, furniture and more, anything is available to purchase online nowadays. But, there are some drawbacks that lead to buying more physically rather than electronically.
Online shopping definitely has some addictive qualities to it. Have you ever walked into a store and wanted a shirt but they didn’t have it in your size? Oh look, it’s online and in your size. What about that hot holiday gift that your brother really wants but you can’t find it in a physical store? eBay works wonders for that. 
Plus, Amazon Prime has a huge onlineshopping addicting quality since it has free two-day shipping. It even has a free six-month trial for any college student; all you have to do is supply your West Liberty email and you’re good to go! 
But here’s a drawback – you have to be careful with renewal pricing, whether it’s Amazon Prime or another online store. It renews the subscription without notice. Although Amazon Prime for students isn’t the full price, it can still be a damper to any college student’s bank account. 
Plus, if you don’t have Amazon Prime because of the cost or other reasons, there is one huge downfall that comes with online shopping: shipping costs.  I am that person that can have a cart worth of 30 dollars but have seven dollars in shipping, and suddenly I’m reconsidering the entire purchase. 
The same thing goes for small purchases.  I’m not paying $3 for an item and $5 in shipping. No way. Although online shopping is helpful in finding certain items, I don’t spontaneously buy stuff all the time. 
However, that story changes once I go into a physical shopping place. A $3 book? Buying it. A $5 movie I haven’t seen in 15 years? Buying it. A $1 puzzle set? Buying it. 
Honestly, anything less than a dollar that catches my eye is almost always a definite buy. That’s why I try to avoid shopping altogether, unless it’s on the sale rack or I’m buying for someone else.
When I don’t have to face the shipping price staring down at me in the cart and I’m holding the object in my hand, I’m way more likely to buy it. 
I don’t have to wait two to eight days or more to use the item – I have it right there. There’s also no way it’ll get lost in the mail. 
Online shopping can be addicting, but it really comes down to physical shopping when impulse buying happens.  Maybe we should keep buying online – unless, of course, you really want that $5 movie or a cheap book.
Photo credit: Jalyn Bolyard