Favorite artists that remind me of my mother

By Sammie Stewart, Contributing Writer
Everybody has a song that reminds them of someone, whether it be a ballad that reminds you of your significant other, a pump up song that reminds you of your best friend, or any other song. Music is something that brought my mother and I very close together. We went to multiple concerts together and bonded through the different artists.

One artist that instantly comes to mind when I think of my mom is Kid Rock. I remember she always had his CDs in her car and would occasionally play them. While I’m not a huge fan of him, I can still appreciate him as an artist. He made my mom extremely happy, and that’s all that mattered to me. 
Another artist that my mom thoroughly enjoyed was Queen. Whenever one of their songs would come on the radio, she would turn the volume up almost all the way and we would scream the lyrics. One of our favorites, of course, was “Bohemian Rhapsody.”  
A specific song that reminds me of my mother is “King to Me” by Hoodie Allen. The reason why this song makes me think of her is because of the lyrics “when you get down, I’m gon’ lift you up right now.” This lyric reminds me of her because my mom always picked me up when I was feeling upset. I could talk to her about anything. This song also helped me through a lot of hard times in my life, including her death. The artist actually played the song when I saw him back in November because he knew how much meaning the song has to me, and that only makes the song more meaningful to me.
Growing up, my mom and I loved One Direction (embarrassing, I know). They had some really good songs though. When Harry Styles released his solo music, my mom and I were completely on board. One of our favorites by him was “Sign of the Times.” I remember this being a song we could scream the lyrics to, even though the lyrics are very sad.  It was one of our personal favorites when it came to radio songs.
Photo Credit: Sammie Stewart