Posh Boutique holds unique designer finds

By Logan Arneson, Contributing Writer

Posh Boutique is a woman’s designer store located in Downtown Frederick in Frederick County, Maryland. Posh sells everything trendy from stylish fur mink coats to elegant jewelry. Ever since its grand opening in October of 2017, Posh has quickly caught the attention of many shoppers in the Frederick area.

Co-owners Fabiola Navarro and Gerly Oden opened their store to sell high quality products that appeal to customers with a trendy taste. Prices at Posh can sometimes be a little high, but the price is set to match the designer name brand and the demand for the product.

Many women are interested in small boutique shops that they can by a few fashionable products from every once in a while; Navarro wanted to live the experience from the other side of the cash register. Navarro said, “I have always wanted to own a boutique store. I don’t consider my job as actual work, but instead as a fun experience that allows me to keep up to date on what’s trending in society and sell to women in the area.”

Since the opening of Posh in October, business has continually grown over the months, especially during the Christmas and Easter holiday seasons. With summer quickly approaching, Posh’s shelves are being restocked to match the new trends for this summer.

With new outfits and accessories stocked for sale, this summer’s business is expected to be the best it has been since Posh’s opening. Posh will also catch the eye of tourists stopping through the area to visit historic Downtown Frederick, boosting its popularity and publicity.

Posh Boutique is also a great place for young women and students to get a summer job while home from college. Navarro’s daughter, Nicole Navarro, began working for Posh this summer. Nicole will be a junior at Towson University this fall.

Nicole loves to work at Posh, she said, “I love Posh because I get to sell great clothes to women my age and even buy some clothes of my own. Being able to work in a store that sells clothes that are ‘in-style’ is perfect.”

With flexible hours and great employee discounts, Posh is a great place to work and earn some summer cash.

If you are interested in buying designer clothes to fit your summer mood or looking to make some money and becoming an expert fashionista, Posh is the place for you! Visit their Facebook page and check out their inventory for all your clothing needs.

Photo Credit: Nicole Navarro