Library Book Club begins new chapter on campus

By Walker Polivka, Contributing Writer

Avid readers now have a new club on campus where they can share their passion for reading with each other. The Library Book Club plans to spread the love of reading throughout campus and promote the impacts that reading can have for the mind.

Kathryn Zane, the Head of Technology and Reference Librarian for the Elbin Library, had the idea to start a book club based on her own reading experiences. Zane said, “I belong to a book club for another community. Realizing the great impacts reading can have, I thought that our library should definitely host a book club of its own.”

Zane has been busy preparing for the start of the book club and deciding on what types of genres it should focus on. Zane said, “I sent out an email with choices of different books and let people vote on which one they wanted to read first. So, we are currently reading The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. We’re going to rotate to a new genre every month. We can do plays or graphic novels during months that have exam week so that people don’t feel overwhelmed during an already stressful time of the semester.”

For those who are worried about having to have witty commentary and deep intellectual knowledge of the plots, put your fears aside. That won’t be the main focus of the book club. Zane said, “I’m leading these book club meetings as a librarian encouraging an appreciation of literature. People coming to these meetings don’t have to know literary theory. They don’t have to read closely enough to answer essay questions or have a perfect recall of the book. They just have to be willing to read it.”

Unlike some book clubs, there is no fee to become a member of this one. Both students and faculty members are encouraged to participate in the club. Currently, the club has nearly two dozen members. Zane believes that the blend of students and faculty members will lead to great, thought-provoking discussion. Zane said, “I think that there will be greater diversity in interpretation and life experience that can enrich the discussions. I’m very excited to see how it turns out.”

Reading is an important tool that we utilize in our everyday life. We gain so much from reading, which Zane believes will be proven by the impact of the club. Zane said, “Nobody can take away what you know from you, and reading is an excellent way to learn new things. Even when we read fiction, we’re learning about people, situations, and dynamics that we may not encounter in person. Reading helps us to not only become smarter people but, better people.”

Anyone interested in becoming a member of the Library Book Club can email Kathryn at [email protected] or attend a meeting. The club meets in the right corner of the library every third Friday of the month at 4:30 p.m.


Photo Credit: Walker Polivka