January brought “Superstitions” to Nutting Gallery

By Dakota Knotts, Online Editor

Last month on Jan. 15, the Nutting Gallery had its first show of the semester “Superstations”, WLU Art Faculty Exhibition. The gallery showcased many wonderful works of art and offers variety from collage, painting, and sculptures to more unique pieces. 

The art department had three new members join them this year,“Silly Rabbit” by Brian Fencl[/caption]

Fencl had several works on displaying his signature style. “I’ve got something very traditional in the painting of a rabbit. My dog had chewed up and was hiding in the bushes from me. When I pulled this rabbit out of the bushes, it was just instant, that has to be in the Superstitions show. Because rabbits are supposed to be luck any that one wasn’t lucky. The other ones are kind of random thoughts about superstitions in general and dwelling on those concepts and letting them go wherever they go.” 

I have a hard time deciding what artworks I enjoyed the most. There was so much character to all of them. If I had to decide, I adored the collages done by Sarah Davis. They are so wonderfully crafted and felt like there was a lot of thought that went into them. The closer I got to them the more detail there was for me to discover. Before it had ended, I ended up visiting multiple times.

This is the first gallery opening since the passing of Bernie Peace former professor of the arts and department chair, who advocated for the creation of Nutting Gallery during his time at West Liberty University. 

 I you did not get the chance to see the faculty gallery, then make sure to stop by and see the works of  Bob Dombrowski’s exhibition, “Earth and Sky”, from Feb 13. to March 14.  

Nutting Gallery is open 8:30 a.m  to 2:30 p.m Monday – Friday and by appointment only for any other hours. To see the full story on on Bob Dombrowski’s gallery, checkout next week’s trumpet. 

Feature Image: Sculpture by Herb Weaver provided by Gabrielle Blanchard