Trumpet Duet

By Daniel Morgan, Contributing Writer

Q: Do you agree with the recent decisions made by the WLU administration in regards to the weather and class cancellations?

 Jessica: Not entirely. For instance, I left the hill one afternoon for an appointment in Pittsburgh and the roads were terrible. You could tell that the roads had been driven on but not touched, and afternoon/evening classes were not cancelled. 

 Evan: Yes, because I live on campus and the weather doesn’t affect me all that much.

 Q: What factors do you think should be considered when deciding whether or not to cancel classes?

 Jessica: If it’s difficult to walk to class on the sidewalks and roads on campus, then it’s probably difficult to drive to class. The commuters’ safety should be considered more because they pay just as much tuition as the students living on campus.

 Evan: The road conditions are the biggest factor because of the commuters. Temperature should not really be a deciding factor in my opinion.

 Q: Do you think any changes need to be made to the cancellation policy?

 Jessica: I think that more people should be included in the decision, even faculty.

 Evan: They should collaborate with a weatherperson or professional, and look at the conditions around town and the area instead of directly around campus.