Summer classes are priceless for college students

As high school students, many of us would’ve dreaded the idea of attending summer school. It takes away the free time you gain during the summer and you must spend another three months doing schoolwork. However, once high school students enter the “college world,” most students develop a new perspective and appreciation for


Many students may argue that the compressed schedule could lead to more schoolwork and longer class hours. Well, this may be true, summer classes are worth the sacrifice. If you are behind on certain classes, this will give you the opportunity to get back on schedule. However, if you are on time to graduate, this could give you the option of graduating earlier than expected. Summer classes also present the ability to complete internships during the school year due to moderate workload.

After a mentally-tough spring semester, many students would not want to take summer classes. Students may be burned out and the summer gives them the ability to rejuvenate before the upcoming fall semester. Due to the compressed schedule, summer classes can be taken at different times of the summer. Maybe you do want a small break from school before the summer semester. Therefore, students are allowed to wait and take classes during the second summer semester, which may begin in June and July. Students may not get the entire summer off, but at least it will give students a small break.

Summer classes are beneficial to every student, and these classes should be recommended by professors and faculty. This allows students to get back on track or get ahead, and most times, summer classes are cheaper. Students will see a more intensive workload and their summer will be cut short, but the pros outweigh the cons.

Take advantage of this opportunity to get ahead!

Photo Credit: The Trumpet