Game Review: Five Night’s at Freddy’s

By Katie Ralbusky, Online Editor

Originally there was Five Night’s at Freddy’s. A game that was cheap to make and offered a few hours of entertainment.

The basic premise was that you are a night guard and must watch out or the animatronics in the restaurant you are guarding will catch you and ultimately kill you. The main premise relies on jump scares that you can often see coming but are still terrifying each time it happens. Each night you work it gets progressively more difficult. Many people enjoyed it and there are many videos on YouTube where players have conquered the game.

Then there came the sequel/prequel, Five Night’s at Freddy’s 2. I doubt I am giving much away seeing as multiple people  have made videos of how this game is a prequel to the originally Five Night’s at Freddy’s and not a sequel; one of them being Smosh Games who can also describe what the game is about. The gameplay is somewhat similar in that you are a night guard and must once again watch out for killer animatronics. Things prove to be more difficult this time around as you have a larger map, more animatronics to watch out for, and must alternate between lights, a flashlight, a mask, and winding up a music box. The scares can be overly predictable and the game itself is more stressful than actual fun.

Now for the third and final entry which is Five Night’s at Freddy’s 3. This is actually a sequel to the original game and is set thirty years into the future. Instead of a restaurant the fictional company in the game has created a haunted house like attraction to capitalize on the tragedies which happened in the other games. This time you only have to worry about one animatronic but it is far quicker than those in previous games and there is no door or mask to save you this time. You also have to worry about rebooting your command center or your character could suffer from hallucinations.

Overall this game takes fans back to the roots of the original and does answer many questions fans had. It is also terrifying and can be a bit complicated as you have to reboot your command center systems and toggle between two separate maps. A main staple of all these games prove to be their popularity on YouTube where it is often hilarious to watch others play this game and try to stay alive. This is one game you will not want to miss for yourself.